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John Harmon's articles can be found on multiple publishing content sites and on his multiple blogs. Generally he writes about beer, books, video games, writing and more. If you think you might be interested, check out the links below.

Ty Johnston / LM Press
Besides his online articles, John also writes fiction under the name of Ty Johnston. His books and short stories have been published in traditional print venues as well as in self-published online market. This blog is where he writes about fiction writing, publishing, books he is reading and also on personal matters. This was his very first blog and is still his "home" blog. If you wish to read some of his fiction, this is the blog to visit. He mostly writes fantasy and horror, though sometimes literary fiction.

An Amateur Beer Snob
Did you know John drinks beer? Well, he doesn't. He tastes beer. There's a difference. And this blog allows him to pontificate as if he knows what he's talking about when it comes to beer. Which he doesn't. But he still has fun with it.

Classic Video Gamers
If you're an old fuddy duddy like John, you'll remember what fun you had back in the day playing classic video games at home on the Atari or Intellivision and out and about in the arcades or malls. Here John has fun writing about the older video games, like Pac-Man and Yars' Revenge, though he's not opposed to chatting about more modern games (the Grand Theft Auto series being his favorite). Drop by and leave a post about your favorite gaming memories.

We all buy stuff. From food to clothing to cars to jewelry and computers and beyond, we buy stuff. Some of it we have to have, some of it we just want. Either way, this particular blog takes a gander at a lot of the products we purchase. Sometimes John will review products he has personally used, and other times he will simply provide information he has learned about various products. Sometimes he'll try to provide a chuckle.

The Old West. Ancient Rome. The Far East. These time periods and all others are covered in this blog. Sometimes you might find in-depth articles about something related to history, while other times you'll find just a short little blog post with some historical tidbits. John has interests in all eras of history from throughout the world, so feel free to drop in, leave some comments, and maybe provide some historical information of your own. Comments, guest blog posts, articles and images are always welcome.

With a title like that, what can this blog be about? Cinema, music and books, of course. Uh duh! With this blog, John takes a look at various elements of our pop culture as related to the entertainment industry. He'll discuss movies he's liked, favorite books, music he enjoys, and sometimes a bit of news about entertainement. For the most part, this blog is a grab bag of different entertainment elements. Sorry, video games won't be covered here (for the most part), because they are covered at John's video game blog.

John will be the first to admit, he's no scientist. In fact, science is often quite beyond him. But that doesn't mean he doesn't like to read about science, study it and pass along a few of the interesting things he has learned. His science blog is for people who are in the same position as himself, who are armchair scientists at best and who like to casually read about science without getting too deep into the subject matter (mainly because it brings about too many headaches). This science blog would be good for kids just starting to learn about science, and for parents who want to introduce their kids to science.

Online writing sites
As mentioned above, John writes for a lot of different online writing and publishing sites. Below is a list of them and their links.