Monday, March 7, 2011

10 ways to tell if a guy likes you

  1. He tells lots of jokes around you. Little jokes, not big jokes like you'd see from a stand-up comedian. Most of his jokes likely will also be lame, and he'll laugh at them himself. If you laugh back, he'll probably get the idea you're interested.
  2. He'll tell you. Yes, guys generally don't tell a woman he likes them unless he really does like them. Of course his long-term motives might not be well intentioned, but at least he still likes you.
  3. If he asks you out, he likes you. It's quite simple, really.
  4. Is he flirting with you? You know, batting his eyes, making semi-funny small talk, stuff like that. If so, he likes you.
  5. Are you female? Is he speaking with you? If you answer "yes" to both of those questions, it means he likes you. Unless you're taking his order for fries. Then he just wants fries. Probably.
  6. Does he babble when trying to speak with you? If he does, that's a sure sign that he likes you.
  7. If in his conversations with you it seems that you and he have a lot in common, more than likely he's into you. This is especially showing if he keeps working into the conversation ways in which the two of you are similar.
  8. He's sharing stories about his life with you, probably little, possibly slightly embarrassing things. That means he trusts you, and likes you.
  9. Has he given you his phone number? His e-mail? His Twitter user name? His Facebook user name? Yeah? Guess what? He likes you. Don't think on it too hard.
  10. Does he seem to hand out the compliments to you? Yep, that's a sign he likes you.

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