Sunday, June 6, 2010

The greatest of God's gifts: The Dog

DogA dog is a fine thing. Treated well, it will be your best friend. In fact, a dog can be better than a best friend. It will never empty your bank account nor steal from you. It will not try to sleep with your significant other. A dog will not become angry with you and speak words that are hurtful.

A dog can keep you warm on a cold winter's night. But it will give you your space on a warm night.

A dog can be your companion through thick and thin. When times are good, a dog can be there to wag its tail and share in your enjoyment. When times are tough, a dog can be there to give you a lick on the hand as a way to offer comfort, or it will simply curl up at your feet while staring up to you show someone cares.

Depending upon the breed, a dog might or might not take your last morsel of food, but that is within a dog's nature. You can't blame the animal for not being able to ignore its nose and its nature. Besides, it would only take your last bite of food if freely given or if left out in the open. And if your last bite of food is left out in the open, it must not have been that important to you.

All a dog asks for is a little food and water and some attention from time to time. A gentle pat or a good scratching will be enough to begin building trust, and that followed with a snack or two can increase that trust to true friendship.

Dogs can even be good workers. They can hunt for food. They can offer security as protectors.

Yes, some dogs are mean and can be dangerous even to the point of deadliness. Almost always these are dogs that have been cruelly mistreated by humans to the point of making the animal a monster. A monster created a monster.

And wolves are not dogs. They're just distant relatives. They don't count.

A dog might be the animal most like a human, or at least the animal which has the most good qualities alike with a human. Monkeys and apes might share more DNA with humans, and dolphins might be far more intelligent than your average dog, but neither approaches the levels of care and friendship and loyalty a dog can contain.

There's nothing wrong with cats, nor rabbits, either. Some people are cat people. Some dog people. Some rabbit people, or people for some other kind of animal. But no other animal, perhaps not even the horse, can share the same levels of love as the dog.

And it's true a dog can be dirty and stinky and wallow in some of the nastiest filth there is to find. But that is one of the reason's I say they are more like humans than any other animal.

Also, dogs are better than children. Dogs don't talk back. You don't have to pay for their college. You don't have to worry about them moving back home. A dog won't bring home friends who will eat everything in the refrigerator.

Thank you, Lord, for dogs. They make our lives that much more tolerable by their very simplicity and their love.

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