Thursday, June 24, 2010

Online writers have to be willing to experiment

Let's say you write online for Triond. But you're not happy with the money you're making there. So you go over to a similar site, Bukisa, and you try publishing some articles there. Still not happy with the money. What do you do next?

It seems a lot of writers throw up their arms and give up at this point. No, you're not going to get rich writing for online content publishing sites, but there is money to be made. And quitting won't get it done.

First, you could try even more online writing sites. Do a search. There are plenty of them available. Try some of them out. Perhaps you'll like what they have to offer.

Still, if you're not going as many readers and as much money as you would like, there are still things to be done.

Try using social networking sites to promote your writing. Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices.

Another helpful option is to use online linking sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon where you can place links to your favorite websites, including your own articles, in hopes of drawing in viewers. The key on these sites is to take an active role in the sites and not just spamming your own work. Join some groups on the sites. Leave comments on others' links and articles. Make friends. That will slowly begin to draw readers to your articles.

And you don't have to change writing sites if you don't want. If you like Triond, stick with Triond. But even here you can experiment with different ways to draw in viewers.

Another option is to write for more than one site. Try writing for three or four, or possibly more if you have the time. This will allow you to judge the benefits of each site, and eventually you might settle for one of them over the others or perhaps you'll figure out which one is best for you to place most of your focus upon.

Online writing isn't easy. You have to be willing to take chances. Some of those chances will fail big time for you, but others will pay off. It's all about experimentation.

So get out there and get to experimenting! Don't be afraid to try something new.

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