Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 Drivers Who Increase my Road Rage

Drivers who don't use turn signals
Some of these drivers do use their turn signals, but only after they're halfway or more through the turn. Besides being discourteous to the other drivers, it's dangerous.

Drivers who run red lights
Yes, all of us have accidentally run a light or have pushed the limits and punched it when the light turns yellow. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about drivers who have seen the light turn red and it's been red for a few seconds, but they still plow right on through. Again, it's dangerous, possibly even deadly. What, are you in so much of a hurry that the rest of us just don't matter?

Drivers who speed up to pass you, but then slow down
This one aggravates me the most, these idiots who run a stop sign, plow through a line of children crossing the road, run down a group of nuns, then only to jump in front of me and slow down to a crawl. If you're in such a big hurry to get in front of me, why not get the heck out of my way? Move it!

Drivers who can't make up their mind
If they even have a mind. We've all seen them, the slowpokes who stop and point and stare as if they're looking for someplace. Just ask. Stop somewhere and ask for directions. Don't block up traffic just because you're not sure if the address is 123 Main Street Way or 124 Main Street Way. Know where you're going before you get there, not while you're getting there.

Cell phone drivers
Yes, I realize the importance of cell phones in the modern world. But far too many people use them for entertainment. Do we really need to be in constant contact with every single person we've ever known? Maybe I'm just an old fogey on this one, because I can still remember the world got along fine before cell phones arrived. But I don't hate cell phones in general. They are handy and helpful. But I get quite irate when I see driver's using their cell phones. Once more, it's dangerous. I can understand using a cell phone while driving if there's some kind of emergency, but most times it's just some idiot chatting it up with their best friend. Get over it. Pull over and park if the conversation is that important. That way you'll not only make the world a safer place for the rest of us, but you'll also keep traffic flowing. And no, you don't look cool talking on your cell. Transportable phones have been around long enough now that we all take it for granted.

Drivers who nudge forward
You do it. You know you do. You're that idiot at the stop sign who keeps nudging forward that extra inch time and time again as if it's going to help you get somewhere. Please, stop. You're just making the rest of us nervous because we don't know if you're stopping or starting and we can't make our own driving judgments until you finally get around to doing whatever it is you're going to do.

Talking drivers
I don't mean people who are talking to one another in the same vehicle. That's perfectly understandable. I'm talking about people who block up the road while talking to someone in the vehicle next to them or are talking to someone on the side of the road. Move it! I've got places to go, too.

Highway drivers who fly
You'll get there, I promise. No need to drive twenty or more miles over the speed limit. It won't help you get where you're going any faster, I promise. For whatever few seconds or minutes speeding takes off your time, you'll just lose that time when you get to town and hit the red lights. This is another one that's dangerous.

Parking and leaving your door open in the space next to you while taking all day doing whatever it is you're doing
Maybe you're getting your kid out of the back seat. Maybe you're taking out the groceries. Whatever. Don't care. If you're taking your sweet time about it, you're ticking me off. I don't expect you to break your neck hurrying for me, but I do expect a little common courtesy of you hustling it up a bit. And stopping to wave or to say you're sorry is just another waste of my time. Again, move!

Drivers acting reckless in bad weather
I don't care if you have the biggest, baddest four-wheel-drive truck or SUV around. It won't matter when you hit that slick spot on the ice or on wet roads. You're another driver who is not only acting like a fool, but you're putting the rest of us in danger. Slow it down a bit. You'll live longer. Heck, the rest of us will live longer, too.

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