Saturday, May 1, 2010

Five Weapons to Have for a Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone has their favorites, but here are my five suggestions for the weapons you should have when the zombies rise.

Barret M107
Yes, this big rifle is a lot to carry around, but you'll want it when you need it. And really, this thing is made for placing on a rooftop where you can safely blast away at the walking undead below. Comes in .50 caliber, would should be more than enough to drop some zombies. If you don't have a scope, check out your local Wal-Mart or gun-supply shop, that's if you can get there through the zombie horde.

Atchisson Auto Assault-12 Shotgun
Rumor is, this excellent shotgun can fire in full automatic, but I kind of doubt it. Maybe, but it sounds like an urban legend to me. Anyway, this things packs a hefty 12-gauge wallop at close range and definitely comes in semi-automatic. This would be a great firearm to have for close-up work, especially if you can get 20-round drum or the 32-round drum. But even if all you've got is the 8-round or 5-round magazine, you'll still be able to deal out lots of damage. Just remember to aim high for the heads when you're fighting zombies.

Smith & Wesson 586
Yes, I realize this is a revolver, which might turn off some folks who like the higher bullet capacity of a semi-auto handgun. But really, during a zombie apocalypse, a handgun is a last-resort weapon. By the time you're down to having to use a handgun when facing zombies, you want accuracy and plenty of boom-boom, you don't want the spray-and-pray action that semi-autos can lead to. This firearm comes in .357 magnum, which is powerful enough for closeup zombie work. Anything more powerful can distort your aim, and even if you're out of .357 shells, this thing will fire .38 specials, too.

This is your medium-to-long range weapon. This should probably also be your primary weapon of choice. The other firearms listed above are more for specific ranges or situations, but this is a good one for all-around purposes and should be on your back or in your hands at all times once the zombies are shuffling around. Comes in .223 caliber or 5.56 NATO. I like both rounds, so you can choose your favorite.

Actually, a better suggestion might be a big, two-handed sword, one that is really, really heavy, or a battle axe. But I decided upon the machete because it's easier to find and easier to use for those unskilled with similar weapons. What you really need is a heavy chopping weapon, something with a little length to it that keeps you away from gnashing teeth and clawing fingers. Other good choices for melee weapons would be a spiked mace, a spiked war hammer or something similar. You want something that can chop, but you really need that blunt-force trauma, a weapon that can punch through skulls and hit the brain. So, go for heavier instead of sharper, but a spike or heavy point will be useful.

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