Saturday, May 8, 2010

When Did Turn Signals Become Optional?

It's everywhere I go. Everywhere. Whether I'm driving or walking. No one seems to use turn signals anymore.

Quite commonly, it's because someone is using a cell phone while driving and can't bother to use their turn signals. But often enough, it's just people making their turn without signaling beforehand. Is it plain old laziness? Do some drivers think they're cool because they don't use signals? Is it because everyone is in such a hurry they can't bother to use their turn signals? Has a flick of a switch become an inconvenience?

The truth of the matter is use of a turn signal while driving isn't just a matter of being considerate of other drivers, though it is that, too. Turn signals are there for a reason. It's called safety. Turn signals let other drivers around you know what your next move is going to be. Turn signals allow other drivers to gauge their reactions and responses to your own driving.

And yes, not using a turn signal is also a matter of rudeness. But excuse me for thinking people in everyday life should treat one another with a certain modicum of respect.

It's almost funny, we have all these safety devices on our cars. Drivers purchase certain vehicles for the vehicle's apparent safety. Some drivers even have bumper stickers or other signs on their vehicles that are safety warnings, some that even read "Baby on Board." We go to all that trouble, but then we don't bother to use the most basic of safety devices provided to us.

And I realize from time to time seemingly little things like a turn signal can slip someone's mind. I get that. Believe me, it's perfectly understandable. But I see a lack of turn signal use far more common than what could be expected for something that's just slipping people's minds. Unless of course most drivers just aren't paying attention to what they're doing. I guess people just can't be bothered with it anymore. Why not just get rid of seat belts, motorcycle helmets, roll bars, the whole deal?

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