Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 Sites to Help with Your Job Search

Does working on a college or university campus sound appealing to you? Don't worry that you have to be a college professor or have four degrees to work on a campus. Colleges all have other jobs that need filled, from administrative assistants to janitors to police dispatchers and more. And, of course, there are job listings for those teaching positions. HigherEdJobs is the perfect place to find employment at a college or university anywhere in the U.S. or even internationally.
Perhaps you like the idea of working or volunteering in the non-profit sector. This Web site lists all kinds of jobs from all over the U.S. Maybe you would like to work for the American Red Cross? Or how about finding a job with a smaller, lesser-known, grass-roots organization? This is the place to find those jobs, as well as some government jobs. But there's more than just job listings on this site. You can also donate to your favorite organizations, and you can join the forums to voice your opinions.

Doe you have a background in manufacturing? What about plumbing, machine operations or any number of blue collar jobs? This site could be for you. You'll not only find plenty of listings for blue collar work with many, many companies, but you can also use this site to read some free magazines, check on the latest employment trends, build an online portfolio and more.

Ever work in a bank? Or want to? Or maybe you think being a bank teller doesn't sound very exciting. That's okay, because this site has more than just bank teller positions. Listed are loan processing jobs, executive positions and even bank jobs that aren't necessarily tied directly into money, such as janitorial work or computer technology, etc. Just one more potential tool in your job hunt. And even if you don't think you would be interested in working for a bank, I suggest spending some time perusing sites such as this anyway. Why? Because you might be surprised at some of the job listings. Maybe you don't think you'd want to work for some place, in this example a bank, but you might find a job in the field that suits you perfectly. In these tough times, you've got to think outside the box.

Hospital Jobs Online
Hospitals are another place you might not think has a job for you, but hospitals employ a lot more people than just doctors and nurses. With this site you can find job postings for administration, food services, file clerks, security, public relations and a whole lot more. Hospitals offer plenty of opportunities, so don't miss out by not considering them.

grocery Hire
Grocery stores always seem to have some kind of job openings, from cashiers to department managers to store managers and other positions. This site can help you find a job in the grocery business, though this site focuses almost entirely upon the U.S. Again, remember to think out of the box. Sometimes grocery stores need help in the pharmacy, or need security folks. There's lots of potential if you keep an open mind.

Environmental Jobs and Careers
With all the talk in the media about green jobs, you'd think there would be a job site just for employment in that field. There is. This one. There are all kinds of different types of jobs here, from community relations to engineering to legal work and much, much more. Think green! And find a job.

Do you think you've got potential for Hollywood? Do you think it's time for you to live your dreams? Maybe so. And starnow can help. This site lists plenty of casting calls for actors, as well as other positions within the film and TV industries. Think about being a stage hand. Or maybe you're a dancer or musician. Reality TV sound like your thing? Check out this site.
Whether you're an independent driver with your own rig or you're an experienced drive currently without a job, this site can help to line up your next gig, or possibly even regular, full-time work. Tons of companies are listed here, companies who need drivers to take to the roads to deliver goods. Most job listings are for the U.S., but there are also listings for Canada, Puerto Rico and a few other places.

This is basically a job site for hospitality careers. And what kind of careers are those? Hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, resorts, cruise ships, etc. Many jobs are going to be hourly, but there are also plenty of listings for management positions, if that should interest you. Lots of variety here, so don't be afraid to look around some at all the different possibilities.

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