Saturday, May 8, 2010

Need a Job? These 10 Basic Sites Can Help Your Search

This is one of the oldest Web sites for job searches. Monster allows you to look anywhere in the world for a job, though it's probably best known for its job hunting abilities in the United States. You can use the site only for basic job searches, or you can sign up with Monster and post your resume, post a cover letter, seek resume-writing help and more. One great thing is signing up with Monster won't cost you anything.

Yahoo! hotjobs
If you already use Yahoo! for e-mail or other services, why not check out their offerings for your job hunt? Of course you can do the basic search, but you can also upload a resume, use a salary calculator, network with other professionals and perform tons and tons of other tasks that can help you find that next employer.

This site lets you look for jobs, post resumes, seek advice, etc. Sounds pretty familiar by now, right? Well, this site also has the added benefit of being linked with plenty of newspapers in the U.S., which means those jobs listed in many newspaper classified sections are also making it to Careerbuilder.

This is the official job hunting site for federal government jobs in the United States. This site not only lets you look for those government positions, but it also can provide information on the seeming mysteries of the federal hiring process, which obviously will be different depending upon which branch or department of government you're applying to work for.

Indeed is one of my favorite job search engines. Why? Because it is a one-stop search engine for many, many other jobs sites. In fact, several other of the other job sites on this list can all be searched together on Indeed. This particular site even scours some college and corporate sites for open position. But remember, never put all your trust into one job-hunting site online. Why? Read on.

Simply Hired
This site is much like Indeed. It allows you to search multiple other job sites all at the same time. What's interesting here is that I've done the exact same searches, multiple times and different dates, on both Indeed and Simply Hired and the results of the two sites do not match exactly. What this means is each site misses some jobs. And it means each site will have some listings the other one won't. So, to repeat, use more than one site for your employment search.
Another basic job hunting site. Perhaps, but you need to know about as many sites as possible. I like this site because it is one of the easier ones to use, in my opinion. Even the main page has a map of the United States, and you can click on each individual state to look for jobs there. What's easier than that?

Craiglistis a lot like the old-fashioned classified advertisements in your hometown newspaper. You go to the site and there are all kinds of classified listings, everything from yard sales to personals to housing and more. Including jobs. Yep, there are jobs listed on Craigslist, full-time jobs and part-time jobs and temporary gigs and everything between. If you don't like any of your local listings, and are willing to move, you can also check out the listings in other cities and states and even other parts of the world. Just be careful. There are lots of scammers out there, and sometimes they lurk on job hunting sites.

Maybe you're not in the United States, or you are but want a job elsewhere. That's where Eurojobs can be of aid. This Web site purports to be "the only multi-country site for jobs in Europe." So use it to find those jobs in France, Germany, Britain, Spain and elsewhere. You can do your basic search, or you can join the site for other benefits.

Maybe you need a job, but you are tired of wading through listings of executive jobs and nursing jobs an doctor's jobs, etc. You get the picture. You just need a job, you don't need to be the boss or to run a hospital. Snagajob might be the place for you. This is a place where tons of normal, everyday jobs are listed for normal, everyday folk. You know, jobs that pay by the hour. You can search around the country or in your own region. Plenty of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and the like have jobs listed here, but you might be surprised at many other places that have jobs listed. Worth checking out.

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