Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Five Animal Rescue Web Sites
If you are interested in bringing home a pet from an animal shelter, this is really the best Web site to begin your search. Hundreds, if not thousands, of shelters advertise their animals on Petfinder. And not only are dogs and cats listed. There are rabbits, lizards, and much, much more. Check out the link above and maybe you can save a life. As of this writing, more than 300,000 animals from across the United States are listed on Petfinder.
This is the Web site for the House Rabbit Society, a national non-profit organization that rescues domestic rabbits that have been abandoned and/or abused. These fine folks find new homes for their furry friends. A house rabbit is a different kind of pet, not at all like a dog or cat, and takes light handling and the right environment. If you think you might like a rabbit as a companion, or you just want to learn lots about pet rabbits, this Web site is worth your while. I can personally vouch for the House Rabbit Society, as I am a former member and have found several of my rabbit pals through this group.
Alley Cat Rescue is another national organization, obviously looking to help abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens. They also provide information about feline diseases and other health issues for cats. If you're looking to adopt a cat, these are the people to talk to to find out more.

American Kennel Club
This link to an American Kennel Club page provides listings by breed for dog rescue organizations. If you know of an Akita that needs saving, check the link here. How about a Beagle? Or a Chow? Or any other breed. You can pretty much find an organization here that can be of help. If you don't see a particular breed, the AKC still offers plenty of advice and contact information.
The Humane Society for the United States offers much more than just advice and links, though they have those, too. If you have a pet missing, this should be one of the first Web sites to check out. This site also offers plenty of news pertaining to pets, including legal news and the like. There are also books and gifts available for purchase, with the money going to the Humane Society.

Going Local
There are plenty of state and local animal rescue organizations with Web sites, so don't forget to look online or in your regional phone book for groups in your area. Maybe you can join or volunteer, even if you can't take a pet in yourself.

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