Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 Health Benefits of Sex

  1. Headaches: Yes, believe it or not, sex can help with the pain of headaches. During sex, endorphins are released into the body that act as a natural, weak morphine. Which helps to relieve pain in the body, including pain from headaches. So never buy into that old saying, "Not tonight, honey. I have a headache."
  2. General fitness: Yes, sex is a workout, just like if you went to the gym and lifted some light weights or did a short jog. During sex, you are working some of your body's muscles, and the blood gets to pumping and flowing better, taking oxygen throughout the body.
  3. Losing weight: Did you know sex actually burns calories? It does. 150 calories approximately every half an hour. So, theoretically, the more sex you have, the more weight you'll lose. Now that's got to be an incentive.
  4. Germ immunity: This one might sound like a stretch, but it's not. The act of sex releases an antibody into the body, which helps fight against all kinds of germs, especially germs from the common cold. And the more sex, the more of the antibody is released. So, basically, those who are having lots of sex have fewer illnesses. Though that's probably not something you'll see in any health care plan from Congress.
  5. Prostate cancer: A study from Australia suggests men who frequently have some form of sex reduce their chances of having prostate cancer later in life. Again, the more sex, the lower chance of suffering when older.
  6. Sleep: Men are often accused of falling asleep soon after sex, and studies show there's some truth to this, but it's also true for women (they just don't like to admit it). Sex not only relaxes the body, but the endorphins it releases allows the body to rest well, allowing a person to enter a nice sleep if they allow it, almost like a form of self hypnosis.
  7. Healthy skin: Okay, now how does this work? Easy enough. Sex releases the hormone DHEA into the body, and this hormone from the inside naturally helps to clean skin and keep skin more shiny and healthy looking. Worried about pimples? Try sex! Hey, it couldn't hurt.
  8. Brain power: Yep, the more sex you have, the better your brain works. The reason behind this is that sex gets the blood flowing in the body, which not only helps to clean the blood, but also sends extra blood to the brain, which helps the brain to work better. Makes you wonder about Einstein, doesn't it?
  9. Stress: This one should seem fairly obvious. Sex tires you out and releases endorphins (which make you feel better) and hormones into the body (which also makes you feel better) all the while getting you blood up. Once sex is finished, you'll be more relaxed than ever. Studies have even shown that people who have sex frequently suffer less from stress not only immediately after sex, but also on a daily basis and throughout the day. So lighten up!
  10. Intimacy: Sex in a monogamous relationship has been shown in numerous studies to increase one's ability to be intimate with others, specifically one's special other, thus improving overall mental well being. Unfortunately for those who are promiscuous, studies have shown just the opposite for those with many and multiple partners.

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