Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Five Light Treats You Can Buy for Your Dog

Blue Dog Bakery
These dark cookies come in different flavors and shapes. Let your pooch try cheese or peanut butter or one of several other flavors. The shapes can either be round or in animal shapes, though no animal products are used to make Blue Dog Bakery cookies. These treats can be found in many pet food stores, but also in Wal-Mart and many grocery stores.

Greenies Lite Dental Chews
Not only are these treats light for your dog, but they're also good for the dog's teeth. Yep, Greenies Lite Dental Chews help to clean your pet's teeth while also being low in calories. These treats are easy to find in most pet food stores and in some grocery stores.

Pup Corn Dog Snacks
Pup Corns are a favorite for our furry friends. They're light, low in fat, low in calories and a bunch of fun to munch. I haven't seen these in any grocery stores, but I usually find them in pet stores and Wal-Marts. Pup Corns most commonly come in cheese or peanut butter flavors, but on rare occasions I've seen beef and cranberry flavors. My beagle loves them.

Smokehouse Lamb Munchies
It might not sound appealing to you or I, but these dried lamb lungs seem to be a tasty treat for the pooches. They're not only low in fat, but also free of any dyes or chemicals. These are tough to find, at least for me. I've seen them in a handful of pet stores.

Trim Treats for Dogs
Trim Treats usually can be found in pet food stores and some grocery stores. These treats are shaped like little hearts, and they're low in fat, low in calories and loaded with fiber.

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